Friday, January 9, 2015

The 10 and The 10 DS Literacy Resources

2015 Is Going To Be A Great Year- Happy New Year!

Another shipment of Cenovus sponsored literacy resources arrived over the holidays and I finished sorting them out into piles for distribution to the schools on Monday. These 1700 books are made up of a selection of 17 titles from the two series called "The 10" (Grade 4-8) and "The 10 Discovery Series" (Grade 6-10) which are cross curricular in nature. Each title has 6 copies of the book so that small group work can take place either in a guided reading type of format or a shared reading type of format. Please check with your administrators, as to the location of these resources within your schools, as all ten schools in the district received this resource.

    The 10 Discovery Series
  • Packed full of interesting facts and glossy, engaging photos
  • Fosters collaboration and ownership of ideas and opinions
  • Content and visual appeal for grades 4–8, but all books are written at a grade 4 level
Grades 4–6
Grades 7–8 Struggling Readers!
More information on THE 10 DISCOVERY SERIES

The 10 logoLes 10
Non-fiction Books for Engaging Students in
Critical Literacy and Inquiry-Based Learning
in English (The 10) and French (Les 10)
Grades 6–10Grades 6–10
Grades 6-10 Spreads
    The 10/Les 10 offers a rich learning environment with high-interest content

  • Critical questions encourage students to think and read for meaning
  • Topics are current and cutting-edge
  • Fosters collaboration and ownership of ideas and opinions
  • The glossy magazine format is highly appealing
  • Strengthens research skills and understanding of non-fiction text types
  • Accessible to the whole class—all books are written at a grade 6 level, but with content and visual appeal for all students
French Grades 6-10 spreads

These books are high interest, lower reading level books that can capture many students' imaginations regardless of age, while assisting teachers in covering curriculum outcomes in many content areas.

If you would like assistance in planning for instruction using these resources, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a lovely weekend!

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