Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fitting the Daily 5 into Comprehensive Literacy - How to Amalgamate?

Recently I was asked the question "How do I use the new LPEY resources from Cenovus if I'm currently following the Daily 5 in my literacy blocks?"  This is a great question that I will tackle in this week's blog post. If you would like a more personalized answer, please contact me and I'd be happy to come assist you in your classroom context.

First, let's define both items so that we can clarify them before sorting out how they can work together. The Daily 5 by Boushey and Moser is a framework for structuring literacy time based on a set of five student activities  fostering student's independence and love of reading while allowing the teacher the time to confer with small groups on reading strategy goals or to confer with individual students.

The Literacy Place for the Early Years (LPEY) resources are comprehensive literacy or balanced literacy resources which are based on the gradual release of responsibility model (teacher does -- with gradually less support until-----> student does) for literacy instruction and include resources for each of the four areas of literacy including Reading, Writing, Word Work and Oral Language.

Now how do you begin to add in the LPEY resources without throwing out the proverbial Daily 5 'baby' with the bathwater?
  • The Daily 5 can be substituted for the Literacy Centers part of the LPEY timetable for daily literacy instruction. See the section labeled "Scheduling" under the Classroom Set-Up and Organization subtitle in the blue K-3 Planning Guide book in your teacher guides folder.

  • As indicated in the Prezi above, the Daily 5 is a time where your students are working independently which allows you, the teacher, time to work with a small group (guided reading) or individuals (conferencing).

  • Now check out this archived teaching tip written by Mrs. Sue Jackson, Scholastic's National Literacy consultant where she explains exactly which parts of the LPEY resources fit with each part of the Daily 5.

  • There are some wonderful parts of the Daily 5 that can be incorporated into a comprehensive literacy program (one teacher loves the Daily 5 penseive to keep track of small group shared and guided reading strategies she uses with her students) so feel free to blend the parts you like in Daily 5 into the comprehensive LPEY resources which cover all outcomes in the AB curriculum.

I hope this helps to clarify the Daily 5 versus LPEY issue but if you'd like further assistance, please contact me.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Looks great! I saw the mix in my mind but am happy to see someone physically putting the two processes together! Thanks!